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Sporting organisations

We support professional sporting bodies,
clubs and tournaments by providing
expert on-site sports interpreters


Sports Interpreting

Language Exchange Australia is committed to providing high quality, experienced sports interpreters to assist professional sporting clubs and organisations with any language barriers that may arise.

Utilising the services of an experienced sports interpreter can ensure that any international vistors, athletes, families, administrative staff and coaching staff are able to communicate effectively at all times. 

With an increase in professional sporting standards and a growing international audience, it is essential that clubs and professional sporting organisations provide the required support to make the transition easier for all involved. 

International visitors

We can help professional and local sporting organisations increase communication channels with international visitors by providing direct, on-site support, including:

  • Assisting with press and media commitments
  • Supporting international tournaments and events
  • Aiding athletes, staff and families with accomodation requirements
  • Assisting families to settle into the community
  • Player interviews and contract negotiations
  • Supporting PR agencies and sponsors
  • Accompanying guests to meetings and events
  • Travelling with athletes, clubs and families

Our commitment to you

We make sure our sports interpreters have a strong understanding of your game, tournament or event prior to engaging their services. 

By having a pre-existing knowledge of your game, our interpreters are not only able to interpret the dialect being spoken, but have an ability to interpret your key sporting terms and requirements promptly. 

Contact us today to find out more about how our team can assist your team. 


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