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Your interpreting experts

Our extensive network of certified 
interpreters are available to meet
your on-site interpereting needs


Consecutive Interpreting

Our interpreters are experts in consecutive interpretation, which involves the interpreter acting as a mutual connection between two people communicating.  

The speaker will directly address their client, pausing after every 1-2 sentences, where the interpreter will then communicate with the client in the chosen language and interpret back to english for the speaker. 

This form of on-site interpreting is far more efficient than telephone or video-link up as the interpreter is able to guage the parties facial expressions and non-verbal gestures.

Industries we support

We provide interpreters to a range of industries across Melbourne, including:

  • Legal and court settings
  • Health and aged care
  • Education and schools
  • Government departments
  • Professional sporting teams 
  • Banking and finance
  • Migration and asylum seekers
  • Community organisations
  • Insurance firms
  • Human resources agencies

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