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Health and medical 

Our medical interpreters are highly
experienced in working with clinics,
patients and families in crisis situations



Health and Medical

We support hospitals, mental health clinics and related health agencies by providing certified interpreters to assist healthcare professionals and patients with language requirements.

Accurate interpreting is essential to ensure that patients, medical professionals and families fully understand the current position and risks of misdiagnosis are reduced. 

Let our health interpreters assist your patients

We ensure that our experienced health interpreters are carefully selected for each assignment by taking into account the nature of the appointment, the key medical terms used and the preferences of your client or patient.  

Some of the service providers we support include:

  • Hospitals and medical centres
  • Mental health clinics
  • General practitioners
  • Aged care providers
  • Rehabilitation providers

When a professional interpreter is engaged to assist with your patients, you can be assured you are in safe hands. 

Why use a certified interpreter?

Informal interpretation by family members or friends may result in the provision of inaccurate information being delivered and can become emotionally unbearing and difficult where personal interests are involved. 

Failure to use a certified interpreter could result in misdiagnosis, the client being unable to provide informed consent, or the client not fully understanding the nature and risks of their condition.

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