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Community services

We are available to support a range
of local councils and state departments
providing certified community interpreters


Community Interpreting

We support government departments, local councils and community agencies by helping to meet the needs of our culturally diverse society.

In a time where multi-culturalism is thriving, it can be extremely valuable to utilise the skill set of an experienced interpreter to bridge language barriers.  

Our team of interpreters are able to fit in seamlessly with state and local service providers.  

We are in your community

Our on-site community interpreters are available to attend to your local needs and assist your customers at a range of appointments whether it be an in-home visit, customer appointment, training session or community event.

Our team of interpreting professionals can assist with the following:

  • Centrelink appointments
  • Disability service providers
  • Policing agencies       
  • Client meetings
  • Public health clinics     
  • Aged care providers
  • Community events
  • Cross-cultural sessions

Connecting people

Australia's multi-cultural landscape is extremely diverse and complex, with many individuals speaking english as a second or third language.

We spend the time ensuring that our community interpreters are matched accordingly to your booking request requirements so you can be assured your clients will be able to communicate efficiently at all times.

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